Cosmetic Whitening For Making Your Teeth White

In the 21st century it has become even more important for us to look and feel good! Some people go to great lengths to improve their appearance, from cosmetic surgery, expensive make-up or spending time on tanning beds. People now feel that the appearance of their teeth is ever more important and for some, having a healthy, white smile is paramount to an attractive appearance.

Once thought of as only for actors and celebrities, Tooth Whitening is now fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. Having your teeth a clean, white shade can help improve confidence and greatly improve your smile. For a relatively low cost, patients can gain huge improvements in the aesthetic appearance of their teeth without ‘dentistry’ needing to be done.

Teeth will naturally darken and stain over time as the porous enamel gets discoloured by drinks such as red wine or coffee and foods such as curry or chocolate. In fact any food or drink with colour in it will in time cause teeth to darken. Tooth Whitening is a great way to eliminate the discolouration and gain a bright, healthy, white smile!

Tooth whitening can be achieved through a couple of different procedures, namely ‘Tray Whitening’ and the more modern, state-of-the art technique – ‘Power Whitening’.  Treatments range in price from around £300 – £600 depending on the type and amount of treatment needed. The most effective treatment to date is the ‘Deep Whitening’ technique using a laser system such as Zoom. Deep whitening is a combination of tray and power whitening which can make teeth 16 shades whiter! This technique usually consists of two in-surgery appointments with a course of whitening gel and teeth trays to be used at home in-between.  Dentists are the only people licenced to prescribe whitening gel and undertake whitening treatments so whilst you may see offers at beauticians or hairdressers for discount tooth whitening, they will not be using the proper CE marked equipment. It is not recommended to get your teeth whitened by anyone other than a fully qualified dentist. If you want the best results, get it done properly!

Both gel whitening and laser whitening incorporate hydrogen peroxide as a means to gently bleach stains out of teeth. Hydrogen peroxide has been used to whiten teeth for over fifty years and as such has a proven safety record. All results are permanent and these results are usually gained with very little discomfort or sensitivity to the patient. As mentioned above, it is extremely important to make sure whitening is done by a Dentist so that if any problems do arise you can be treated and looked after straight away and avoid harm to your teeth and gums.

Many dentists who offer tooth whitening will offer a free consultation so why not book yourself in and have a chat with one? They will be able to tell you more details about the treatments they offer, the equipment they use and the likely costs and treatment times involved. Most good cosmetic dentists will happily be able to provide ‘before and after’ photographs of whitening treatments they have done so that you can see the quality of their work before you open your wallet!

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